SEO / What is Local Website Marketing Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process of improving the quality or volume of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. This is a process of website title tag, Meta tag, link, and content adjustments to make your copy and other factors more ‘relevant’ so that your site achieves a high ranking in search engines for specific keywords and search terms.


If you conduct a search in Google on the best or ‘most searched for’ keywords in your industry, you will find on the first page (in both the organic and sponsored positions) your competitors. And to get traffic to your site, you will need to rank higher than your competitors’ sites. That is the objective – optimize, enhance, elevate your website; make your website and its content worthy of higher search engine ranking than your competition's, and you will see an increase in traffic or website visitors to your website; which, in turn should generate qualified leads at a lower cost than other media.


Our company has a philosophy of improving rankings and position by analyzing your competition – someone is already achieving success in your industry and for your specific keyword selection and page wording. Once we know what strategies and methodologies are working for your competitors, we then merge that data with our years of experience to run a more effective campaign, to quickly capture page rank and position, and drive local traffic.


SEO, done properly, is custom tailored for each client, in each industry. Great optimization is a time-consuming, continual, redundant process of updating and tweaking, keeping up-to-date with the ever changing rules and technology; a process of applying correct, ethical, white-hat organic search optimization techniques necessary to continually outsmart your competition and hold first page position.



Why OptiMonster Local Website Marketing?


You’re in business to make money, to earn a profit. You need sales, you need leads, you need traffic to your website, and you need to market your website to local potential customers to make it all happen. Local website marketing is about driving traffic. Now all you have to do is find an marketing company that will do what they say they can do – drive traffic, put you on organic Google page #1. Nothing else matters.




Why SEO? Why Not Pay Per Click or both?


A marketing research group at Penn State University, when testing the online search habits of over 600,000 people, found that 84% gravitated to the “organic” or natural listings. The overall conclusion of this study is that users DO NOT trust sponsored link advertisements.


While 85% of all new website visitors find the product or service they are looking for through the use of a search engine such as Google™, only 3 to 5% of all websites are properly optimized to take advantage of the awesome power of the search engines.


When using a search engine, people expect to find what they’re looking for on the first or second page within the organic listings. Hence, if your company’s website is not listed on page one or two of a major search engine (preferably Google™ which controls over 70% of the market share) you truly have no chance and should not expect to compete in today’s global Internet market.


SEO or PPC Local Website Marketing with Click Ads?


– Both. It is all about lead cost, cost per sale, and profit. If you can supplement your SEO with a PPC campaign that is producing cost effective leads then do so. There is a remote possibility that PPC will work better for you or your specific industry / trade than SEO. We doubt it, but the possibility exists. According to our research, organic search offers several distinct advantages over SEM / PPC / pay-per-click advertising strategies, especially cost - ROI.


Most people think that PPC can produce results more quickly than an organic search engine optimization campaign. First, PPC still takes time to set-up, and PPC also needs to be optimized to operate efficiently, and to be cost effective. And, if you have an SEO company that takes forever to get you page rank, then you are definitely better off with PPC. But OptiMonster gets you immediate SEO results.


Also, if your budget runs out on pay-per-click, your results end as well. Immediately. Organic search optimization of your website will give you results that last months, sometimes years past the end of an active campaign or the end of a contract. Also, with SEO, the optimized site content and other changes made to your site are a fixed cost – you know every month exactly what you are going to pay. As your leads continue to grow, your lead cost goes down.